How to Pay Online LIC Premium?

The Life Insurance Corporation of India is a well-known policy company in India. This organization was established by the Government of India and is one of the most trusted policy companies in India.

We first heard of LIC when we were discussing insurance policies. LIC's main purpose is to provide insurance for middle-class Indian citizens and to ensure the financial security of their families.

There are many great plans available to help you fulfill the aims of this LIC. These plans allow you to choose the insurance policy that suits your needs. LIC encourages poor people to save money, and to use their savings properly from an economic perspective.

What is the best way to pay LIC premium online?

LIC now offers online payment for its premium payments. You can now make LIC online payments from the comfort of your own home. Online portals allow you to make LIC online payments, check your policy status, pay status and receive a receipt. This article will explain how to make LIC Online Payment. It also explains other features of the LIC Online Portal.

Register on LIC Portal

Register on the portal to make an online payment to LIC. Online management of your LIC account is also possible. Follow the steps to register on the lic portal.

1. You can open LIC online payments from your computer.

2. Click on the "New User Option" button.

3. You can now open the new page and enter the policy number, installment amount, date, birth, number of aadhar, pan card number or mobile number, as well as the gender, all correct.

4. Now, read the authorization line and accept it. Click on the radio button.

5. Click on the Proceed button to log in to the lic website. You can then pay a premium online by clicking the Pay Now button.

Online premium payments can be made by registered or unregistered users via the LIC online portal. Registered users can only pay premium for one policy with their one account.

Register users can use the LIC online payment option

1. Open the LIC portal website from your computer or smartphone.

2. You can click on the option to make an online payment in the right side menu.

3. After the page loads, click on the registration option.

4. Log in by entering your username, mobile number, email id, password, and date of birth.

5. Register on the LIC portal if you are not yet registered.

6. After logging in, enter your premium amount and choose the payment method to complete the payment.

Making Direct Online LIC Payments Without Registering

1. You can access the LIC online payment portal from your smartphone or computer.

2. Click on the Pay Direct option.

3. Now, open the new front. Select the renewal premium option.

4. On the next screen, we'll explain how online payments work. Continue clicking here

5. Enter the policy number, the instalment amount and date of birth on the next page.

6. Enter the captcha code, then click the I agree button. To continue reading, click on the submit button.

7. Details of your premium will now be displayed to you. Click here to confirm.

8. Select the premium payment option and then complete the payment process.

These 3 online channels can be used to make LIC online payments.

A. LIC Online Payment via Debit Card - The easiest and most convenient way to pay premium.

B. LIC online payment via net banking - Pay using your bank's internet banking facility.

C. LIC payment through credit card - Online payment of LIC premiums via credit card

This is for you if there's a problem during the payment

1. How to get payment receipt - Once you have paid online premium, a digital payment receipt will be sent to your email address. It is possible to download it and print it right from there.

2. Payment failed - If your bank debited the amount online but an error is shown on the payment page, your receipt will be sent to you within 3 days.

3. You can contact us if there are any problems with payment.

This will allow you to pay your lic premium online. This article should have been helpful.


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